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We offer Math and Stat Courses that have high value. Meaning, courses that are required to get ihto the hightech Industry. This is our priority focus. And this is for the simple reason that time is precious and hence effective and efficient use of time becomes indispensable. We offer all of these courses for free, so that knowledge is available to everybody and an opportunity offered to those who want to rise above the limiting factors and realize their destination.

Laplace Transforms in 6 hours

Inverse Laplace Transforms in 5 hours

Differential Equations in 10 hours

PreCalculus I in 7 hours








About Us

Teaching Mathematics with a touch of Genius

Our aim is to make High quality education accessible and affordable for all. Learning has no age limit. You can learn at any age you want. If you have the will, the determination and consistent work ethic to go with, then you go where you want, and be what you want. Of course hearing this might raise highbrows, “how is this possible?”, “we were always told that university education has to be completed before 25 and then job hunt starts”. Well, we got news for you. This is 21st century, and all things have changed and that includes learning too.

Now coming to the all-important question, who we are? We are a team of educators, techies and big data artisans who have pooled their time, effort and resources to render service to mankind. We clearly understand the cost of education and how the very look at some of these course fees can turn even the most ardent aspirer off. For even to deprive one aspiring student cause of his or her financial standing is a grave injustice to the flora of academia. For that very student with some support and guidance might very well turn out to be an Einstein, or a Newton, or Marie Curie.

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I am interested in getting back to studies, especially to gain High school Math knowledge, so where Can I take these Classes

You can take these classes from anywhere as per your convenience.You woould only need a laptop or desktop copuled with a good internet connection amd you are good to go.

I am not good with basics, is there any foundation classes available

Ofcourse, we do have. In fact, we run a refresher class for all students who feel the urge to get a grip of the basics first. So no worries

I am a bit slow in understanding, because its been years since I did math, are there any help in solving questions

Sure, we provide support classes and Tutorial assistances for all our students.

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